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About the number

It is my lucky number. That happened to be Jordan’s jersey number (and now is also my number on my Sunday's basketball team jersey). And for you who watched “Serendipity” (they told us that there’s no such thing as a moment of coincidence – they always mean something: destiny), I knew it that John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale would press the same number on the elevator. 23, of course.


Addicted to ice creams, I decided to share the joy of eating ice creams to a new level: Ice Cream Delivery Service!

Please allow 1-2 business day(s) for the scheduling delivery of our highly-demanded ice creams and desserts. Serving everyday from Monday to Thursday. Placing an order is easy. Just don't forget to include your name, phone number(s) and detailed address. Log on to the website and choose any of your favorite flavors. Contact us! We'll update your scheduled delivery date and time. Thank you. And have a very cool day :)

Minimum order 8 pints in most covered areas. Most orders are shipped within 3 days and scheduled depending on your location area. We receive cash on delivery. It is highly recommended that you provide an address at which someone will be present to sign for the package. Most deliveries are between noon and 5:00pm. In the event that there is no one present to receive the package, return fee applies. If you provide us with a preferred delivery date we will do our best to meet this date or we will let you know immediately if we must schedule for a different date. Please call for gift orders, special package, and faster shipping services.

A little something about me..

Do you really need to know my name? I think I will keep it one little secret for now. Maybe later I will reveal myself. Tee-hee. The hint is – however – it’s taken from one legendary singer who performed songs from the original “Phantom of the Opera” soundtrack. Not the one with the opera cake, of course.

I am an architect. This explain why I wear a shirt and a loose ¾ length trousers. Because there’s always dusty on the projects that I had to manage almost everyday. So I’d like to keep it simple. Not much like what you see in that Richard Gere’s movie, right? Obviously there are times when I had to wear formal suit for important meetings. I have this cool dark blue tie – with a zipper on. I wear it on monthly basis. Twelve months basis to be precise. Oh, look, I also have this Ralph Marlin’s “Worf” tie that pictured that (Star Trek’s) Klingon-figure in front. Charming. But now it worried me why I bought this one. Klingons are so not one good-looking race in the universe, you noticed?

I draw a lot, either freehanded and computerized drawings. Anyway, it’s how I earn my living. Did I mention before, that my childhood dream is to become an architect? I drew particularly well on any class. Whether it’s a five years-old scenery drawing of two mountains in one sunny day, or a 3-dimension evolving cubical object I made when in high school. I did extremely well – it scared me. Not a big surprise to everybody when I went to the architectural study. I love art, designs, and photography. I also did some good photographs. Oh well, had enough show-off for today. I'm just an ordinary down-to-earth type of guy. I think.

I am an introvert. Seriously. Good news is that I have loads of friends who cares very much about me. Maybe I’m not good in talking and always keep it quiet. Always try to look like one cool “flawless” guy in front of you guys. But from time to time, I know that I’ll always need a shoulder to cry on. Friends, I love you all. Thank you for being around.

How was it? Pretty much about me. Now, how about a little story of yours?

What Am I Doing Today?

23 is eating Snickers!


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